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About Our Training

You all know very well that how Online Business is growing day by day and now everyone want to trade
through internet, because it is very convenient. E-Money Lanka will provide you Genuine Online Jobs sites
Step By Step Guide Training Video DVD /CD’S, Software’s / Books with Training and Support from which
you can Earn Money Online. In foreign countries people make more money per month working on internet
then why Sri Lankan can’t do that.

People join some website and try to Make Money from there and when they are asked to do few silly things
then they get frustrated and then they leave that site, but here we are giving you Perfect Online Jobs site, Parttime or Full-time Opportunity with Training and Support as you can know How to Earn Money Online.

We will provide training to those who are good in computer and in English language and who are interested to
learn about internet marketing and how to make money online. We will provide training about Internet
Marketing, graphic design and how to get jobs in fiverr, seo clerk, fivesquid, fiverup and other online jobs
sites. E Money Lanka will also provide needed software’s for our members (Editing, designing software’s –
$450 USD. Worth) plus tutorials on that software’s that includes graphic designing, 3D, web designing,
photo, video editing software’s and more.

Try to be honest to yourself when you join these jobs you must be qualified with Computer IT and internet
skills to earn money online. Without knowledge you will be stuck. There are also so many categories Graphic
design, Logo design, photo editing, web development, software development, networking, writing,
administrative, web designing and customer services social media marketing. So if you are qualified with one
of them you can join with E Money Lanka and learn how to make money online.

This training course comes on a CD and DVD’S which will run on any Windows PC, Mac or Linux using
your internet web browser and the Adobe PDF viewer.


We will provide Internet marketing knowledge and training in online money making and how to find jobs in
online, we are not providing jobs but we are providing only internet marketing, computer graphic design
training and how to make money online and how to find online jobs.

Why we charge:

For the software’s, for the Guide books and For E money Lanka member ship (user name pass) and for the
Customer support. Always remember that you only can be on the top of the success ladder when you have got proper knowledge and training in the relevant field. We succeeded because we make you succeed. If you also want to be succeeded join us. Our best wishes are always with you.

Thank you
E-Money Lanka


This training is all about internet marketing and internet jobs with information about services that allows you to do business online.To earn money you have to provide a service or a product. This is not a get rich quick method or a pyramid scheme. We only provide information about reputable companies which allows you to make money by providing a service or product. You will not be required to make any type of payment just for the opportunity to earn money. Please contact 077 66 205 23 | 033 33 400 43 or info@emoneylanka.lk if you have any questions regarding the content of our training.